Saudia Arabia declares war…

Have You Ever………

90213361Have you ever….oh wait….start over……..

You What???

90213361You What??


Went For A Visit….

WoWScrnShot_050814_035521Last night, I restarted World of Warcraft. I went for a visit to a couple locations I had longed to see again. Stormwind City was one of those places but something was calling me, something much more powerful, much more serene, peaceful, beautiful and more. My heart was yearning to go to the Temple of The Moon in Darnassus in Teldrassil.

It took some time in Stormwind City to remember how to get to the harbor, and then board the boat to Teldrassil by way of Ruth’glen Village on the coastline outside of town. On arriving, I made my way to the portal to enter the city, and went to the Temple.

Entering, the statute of Elune rose before me and I knelt down in meditation. It had been several years since I last visited before the great Cataclysm and from my knowledge much of the landscape in other regions were changed forever. After some time I headed back to the Eastern Kingdoms, soul had been revived, but in my mind would I return again?? Only time will tell.

Elune Adore’


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