Introducing me!!!

I guess probably a few words to introduce myself is in order, soooooo here I go!!! I am for all intent and purposes a free lance journalist after retiring from trucking in 2008. And since then I have made myself known on CNN’s There a number of reports and documentaries I have done from the virutal world of Second Life are posted and soon a couple from the mmorpg of Blizzard Entainment’s World of Warcraft will soon appear. I also enjoy playing at both of these places and found over time a lot about me in ways I never knew could happen. But there is a bit of a twist that when I first started in Second Life, I wanted to see what it was like being a female and doing some of the things that women do, well the results were to put it, astounding. Using Second Life as a means to better understand my inner most feelings was with out a doubt a much bigger surprise as it brought out those hidden deep down thoughts and feelings that I kept hidden from view for so long, AND even in the RPG of World of Warcraft, I found out the darker side of me was just as prevalent as the bright side of me.

In looking back to thoose times when emotions ran high I found it hard sometimes to keep them in check and many times couldn’t hold back and just had to let go of a torrent of tears and after a period of time to finally calm down and realize that the experience that I had gone through was yet, a part of my being letting itself be known unexpectantly. Now, I know there are questions and there will be answers to come along the way, and being willing to share the knowledge I possess will help to create an understanind of who I am, in reality and virtually.

In closing a few other little tidbits about me, I am single, enjoy hiking, flying, hard core gamer, and just someone that anyone could enjoy being with anytime. I do hope to see you again next week when I will bring another blog here to my new page here at Enjoy the weekend!!!


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