Typical Mondays

Nothing like getting up on a Monday morning and looking in the mirror and seeing a pair of blood shot eyes staring back at you. Nothing like getting dressed and freshen up as you head to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee to start the day with. You wait a few minutes for the water to heat up, open the fridge to get the milk or cream, look for the surgar bowl buried under the junk piled on the kitchen table, only to find it empty, you go to the bedroom to find something nice for the office, only to find it has to be dry cleaned, so you say well, casual then. You run out, jump in and start your vehicle, strapping in and pull into the morning traffic, and you’re thinking of the week ahead.

You finally arrive a few minutes later, smiling, upbeat going into your office and turning on the tv, and there it is. News of the day to make your day go better, but how can it when anymore its bad news and or high profile stories that I see everyday and wondering what to write. My mondays are pretty much the same minus the vehicle I walk to work in sunshine, rain and snow. So my work day is half over already but in the process of adding on another computer a program I had on it previously, so it takes a while to download and update while I’m doing this, Typical monday for me.

So, spending roughly about eight hours a day or more sometimes makes it a long day when I’m done such as it is. I can only say that now discovering news things and taking another look at life as a whole will help me to bring here a better understanding of who we are and where we are gong as the future unfolds before us. I myself, having to survive realities of life am going to leave my mark, thus I am going to devote time and energy to talk about the things that matter to all mankind.


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