Starting Over

One of the worse things that we as people can ever go through is being unemployed, bankrupt, homeless, fighting with our emotions, and I often seen through my own eyes how people in all the places I ever been to in the years gone by have gotten by with literally the clothes on their backs or in a plastic bag. I am saddened that this even happened to me but I am not gonna let it stop me from doing what needs to be done in a new, fresh way of starting over again.

I am not sure what the present administration (Obama’s) has in store or even on the drawing board as congress and senate are debating other issues and not really trying to help those in need, and yet it angers me when I read the paper about some white house shenanigans that we as taxpayers paid for or sending money,  materials, weapons to other countries to which these things rightfully belong here at home. I am so pissed at our goverment that I don’t even pay taxes any more to a goverment that has turned their backs on the little people. those who are middle class as I, or in poverty, and as the saying goes the rich get richer, and the poor??? well….

So, if I am starting over then what will I do??? I’m not even sure yet of a clear direction and yet a sense of urgency prevails in my life, and its not very clear yet. But I will prevail in my endeavors to get out of the hole I’m in, fighting for what I believe in, justice, truth, fair treatment to all citizens of the United States of America. And it starts in my heart, the spirit of who I believe to show me the path that I will follow. Until next week, Blessed Be.


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