What Now???

Just when you think things can go so wrong, it rears it’s ugly head straight at you and wham!!! You get knocked back so hard with a ferocity that even the strongest people in the world will have the breath knocked out of them. So what am I trying to say???  Well, it’s like this, I for one am a strong survivor. I fight hard and long to survive even under the worse possible conditions, and to make matters even worse suffering emotional trauma and distress. However, I have been dealing to the best of my abilities to overcome the odds now against me and a matter of time I will begin to recover from my present situation. so how will I regain all that I lost??? I don’t know to be honest with you, but can say that when ever I been knocked down before I wasn’t counted out, and this time there’s nobody to count me out except members of my own family and friends who have in fact turned against me. Know what I think??? Screw ’em, thats their problem I don’t give a rats ass so I will go on with my life without them.

For all practical intent and purposes, the internet has and is my life line to the outside world. I have friends in other places that I communicate with on a weekly basis, sometimes more often than not. Even then sometimes it’s hard but I manage to maintain some semblance of sanity and balance and go on knowing someday, somewhere my life will take a change to the better.


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