Never Mind The Trash…

He He, don’t worry about the trash just kick it outta the way. And the kind of trash I’m talking about is all of the politics coming out from Washington these days and believe me, it’s gonna go from worse to who knows where. God only knows what our students in school these days are being taught and when I was in school those years ago, it was readin’ writing and math for sure, any more than that then my brain would have crashed long before the internet did.  I have seen from my perspective a lot over the years and in doing so I have made my own opinions known a time or two. But recently because of dealing with urgent issues of finding work, a place to call home, getting my life back together to near normal levels I find it hard to believe that we have a goverment thats hell bent on issues of national interests, and just to cover up whats going on elsewhere in the world. So who knows, its pretty damn trashy around here!!!


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