About Time!!!

Well, didn’t mean to be away for so long, dealing with the issues at hand has been quite a chore. But slowly and surely my life is becoming normal or as near normal again. I don’t know what would have happened had it not been for my persistant nature to FINALLY getting a place to call home again, and even though its far from being that its still too early yet, but never the less it’s home now, out of the cold, weather, not knowing if I’d wake up the next morning like I did for a time. I could only wish that my life which was shattered and torn apart could be put back together again but not so sure if it’ll ever be the same again. I guess just continuing down the road in solidtude and lonliness will be ok for now. My friends who recently have helped out a bit have been really gracious and been such a boost to me morale. Yet, classwork needs to be done and they know I am there for them to encourage them onwards in their journeys as well as mine. Hopefully we can learn from each other over the next few months yet and be able to look at new learning experiences in the process, let’s hope so.


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