I’m Back!!!

Well, certainly has been quite sometime, and my absence from here is certainly bugged the hell outta me. I had been trying to get this and a couple other projects started but it seems that having a bad case of writer’s block wasn’t doing much to get over, so forcing myself to SIT down and FINALLY log into my page here just HAD to be DONE!!! LOL!!! (CAPS added for emphasis)!!! Anyway, in or what ever direction I’m gonna try to go in next will remain to be seen as I don’t know quite for sure yet what will happen. I know that dealing with issues that have put a damper on my plans to recover from a horrendous experience of being out on the streets and camping out at night is somewhat still haunting me, but its getting better all the time. Maybe I haven’t really looked hard yet but there’s changes on the way during the second half of 2010.

I don’t suppose that after spending these last few month’s cooped up in my place, and much less even lucky enough to access the internet through a wifi connection around here close by is gonna turn any heads, but maybe after someone can even dare to explain to me why STILL this country is so screwed up in so many ways and the economy is still flat, stagnant or what ever you want to call it. Even with the recent events happening here at home in the US, or abroad we still cannot get out of our own messes much less getting into some body else’s mess as we do, and yet our insistance that we bully our way across the world leaves nothing to show for the efforts in the name of freedom??? I dare say that President Barrack Obama will finish out the term on less than idealistic views and dissapointments in the time ahead in the White House.

I could care less that we, WE the people of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA have been blindsided for far too long and history will repeat itself in the time to be, and yet, the power house of those we elected still steadfastly turn their noses away and deny any wrong doing. This my friend is only the TIP of the iceberg of what is yet to become of this once proud nation that is my home and yours.


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