Enter This Way….Exit Here…

We all seen those signs, the ones you see that points in a certain direction?? Could it be that we are on a one way street that we cannot back up or even turn around?? I been to a lot of places across the USA, in many different communities, and seen those signs in places that you could barely get into, much less get out of. I suppose that even now we are on a collision course with no chance of turning around or stopping, but to go forth hoping to come out into a wide open place without running over someone or something.

What I’m hoping to say is that we are on that path, we are headed for some destiny in our selves, our lives and in effect, touching all around us those whom we see or contact in everyday life. We are being Misguided by a goverment run by those who only think of themselves and not of those whose lives may have been ruined through no fault of their own. I know in my own life it was totally destroyed and yet making a recovery is taking far longer than I desired, but I’ll just have to deal with it for the moment. certainly the problems we face in this country today is compounded even further with the oil spill in the Gulf coastal regions will have an environmental impact for years to come, disrupting the fragile balance of nature under the surface of the ocean, over shadowing even the Haitians whose lives were torn apart by the earthquake there this year, wars over seas that need to be brought to an end, just like its a one way trip for sure to a destination that is clouded in the not too far future.

With out a doubt that the US has fallen to its knees in these recent times sure makes it hard to hold on to those beliefs we all have and the freedoms that we have slowly eroding away. Where is all of this going to stop at?? Will big brother finally show itself in some manifesto or has the end already begun?? Stay tuned for more later.


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