Gots a Headache

Not knowing for the short term what all I’ll need to do is simply overwhelming at this point. I was told yesterday that I would have to go and take another test again to qualify for aid from my home state, at this point I may just forget it and go back to driving over the road again. Two years of nothing  but dead ends has brought me to this point and I am fully convensed that it will have to be. What will this mean for the short term?? Dunno, except letting go of projects I had been working on that next year would had been published and even writing several articles for a magazine even along the lines of my interests. I am not sure yet but can see that those things I had worked on are now lost, never to be recovered, starting over from scratch may not even be possible of not having the ability to get online to finsh them, oh well, such as my luck has been bad all a long.


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