New Year…

Well, it’s now 2011 and getting off to a rather wintry start with all the snow and ice and cold all over the south. We ain’t used to this and I’m from up north yet and this is certainly a winter that’s barely a month old yet. So, what are my plans for the new year?? dunno yet but I’m just waiting to see what the next couple months will bring, if anything. I haven’t really done much yet because of the sputtering economy yet and my hopes are still pretty high that it will improve this year.

Political news that are such that its a damn shame in this country, that people who are mentally ill can go to a weapon’s dealer, buy a gun, go to a Walmart, buy ammunition, go to a town hall meeting, open fire and kill at least a half dozen people and a child among them yet, deserves to be put to death instantly without even bothering going to all the trouble of pleading guilty by insanity in a court of law.

I can only say my heart goes out to the ones who were lost and wounded.

Be interesting to see how if anything comes out as a consultant this year for the displaced peoples here in the US (homeless) in other words, and this ten year plan to erradicate chronic homelessness is not going to solve anything in the short or long term. With the economy the way it is and state short falls everywhere and cut backs in goverment handouts (or bailouts) its gonna be interesting to see what happens in the new congress this year in Washington on Capital Hill.

Be back with more insights later!!


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