The Fall

Well, the past couple three years I suppose have been the worse I ever seen. During 2008 I guess I had a very bad accident which at that point started me on a downward slide that didn’t end till August 2009, at which point by then I had retired from the worse profession I had been involved in. Trucking had changed alot in the previous ten years for the worse, and instead of things really getting better it got progressively worse.

The cost of living was not keeping up, fuel was going upwards to nearly five dollars a gallon then, law enforcement cracked down on many hard working drivers, companies were hiring people that are even today unfit for this kind of lifestyle and the hardships that goes along with it. In my own life, I had been supporting a young lady at the time and her daughter, paying the bills, keeping a roof over their heads while I was out on the road somewhere. Our relationship had falter, ultimately leading to a breakup of 13 years down the drain.

And then worse thing that can happen to anybody is to lose everything they ever owned, and wind up being out on the streets with just a few things left in their lives. Losing everything that I worked hard for, gone. What little I had besides a backpack, sleeping bag and a laptop sure did create more problems than I wanted to admit to, but I kept my hopes up, staying in shelters wasnt a great idea, staying with a young couple who at the time were child abusers and I saw the bruises then. But then finally in October 2010, signing the paperwork for a place to call home was done, better than camping out as I used to say, nice and warm or cool. food in my belly a bed to sleep in.

This is only a generalization of what I been though, of what I had told myself it could never happen to me, well it did. A wakeup call that my life had met more tragedy than I care for and I wonder why I keep going sometimes, and what my future could be, or could have been.

I’m holding my head high, never letting what happen get me down, pressing forward to a new future that I know is around the corner. I will return to that I was before in some way or another, it will take sometime, but I know it will happen, if not soon.


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