The Fall, Pt.2

Well, since the other day when I was last here I had wondered about a few things. Looking back on where I been and where I’m at now is like…well…who know. But the fact remains that any kind of recovery is yet still out of reach and being I can’t get around besides either walking or riding a bicycle to which I’m so winded its hard to get anywhere period. Would I still try to pick up what’s left and go on?? The answer is yes but to a degree to which I haven’t even figured it all out yet.

I supposed things could have gone in a different direction had people stayed out of the way and let me handle the situation better than they could. I can’t deal with people who are alcoholics and drug abusers who thinks because they been “around” the system as they claimed and knew ore than I did and telling me about some so called “shortcuts” Then, I have to question their mentallity as a whole.

Nothing is more dangerous than somebody else bullying their way into a situation that was none of their concern and they screwed it up even worse to what it is now, and still I have to try to get this mess straighten out on pretty much my own now. But, there’s is hope yet and I am still hanging on that things will start getting better in the next few weeks or so, just have to keep trying is all I know.


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