Sorta Thinking…..

Well, I been looking at what has happen, and well it looks like it may be over with here in Tennessee. I like the area but because I am at such a disadvantage without means to get around or not able to get work then my only choice is to head back to my roots and pickup what ever broken pieces there is left of my life and try to go on. A bus ticket is out of the question, hitch hiking is too dangerous as you never know what kind of person might pick you up.

My only other option is to pack my back pack of what I need, and head up the road on my bike, and pedal the entire three hundred miles plus to my old stomping grounds and re establish my contacts with who ever I can and try to rebuild what is left. It’s sounds like a crazy idea but it’s been done by others and I guess I can too for that matter.

Picking a time however to leave here to go home is another matter due to what ever the weather may be at that point in time in the near future is unknown, and yet the desires are there and getting there no matter what or how will be some what difficult to imagine in the time to be. Guess I’ll find out then.


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