We The People???

We The People, those three words on one of the most important documents of all time and in this country’s history, have been pushed aside sadly. As down through the years since that day in Philadelphia when the nation’s fore fathers hammered out the Declaration of Independence times have changed, thoughts have changed, our world has changed in so many ways it would not be recognizable to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Geronimo, many many other famous and not so famous people in our country’s past.

I can ascertain that by today’s standards that our country today is not nearly as strong as it once was. So many amendments, rules and regulations, laws that are so archaic it’s not funny. We live in a time that a collapse on our world is so immenent I wish it just would go ahead and do that, then maybe we can start working on making it a better place. Why should I, a common person who gave up thirty years of my life time for an industry that has totally gone the way of the dinosaurs and still exists today on archaic rules and regulations?? Sure as hell it beats me, because I didn’t have what they claimed through so many lies and coverups.

Why should I given of my self for nothing and become one of the millions who lost not only a job, but a home, family and friends?? Why should I be relegated to a side room and never have the rights as a tax paying citizen to recieve what is rightfully mine?? Sure is a bunch of bull crap if you ask me. All I can get is subsidized housing and food stamps?? You gotta be kidding me, and yet being in such a predicament with no transportation to go to work for a paycheck, or go to places I been and see life from a different perspective makes it even harder and harder to do the things I want to do again.

We talk about freedoms of speech, self expression. We talk about freedom to work where ever we want, to pursue the dreams we all have of life happiness and the pursuits of greater things and knowledge. We talk about shaping the world to such a point that the lines have all been blurred and muddied. We talk about civil rights, what civil rights??  We talk about how we can run a nation so torn within it’s own borders it’s become a joke.

We talk about a nation such as ours is unconquerable, I hate to say this but thats wrong and not true anymore. We have lost out to the Japanese, Chinese, the Mexicans by shipping out work to these countries and else where, throwing the US into chaos and disarray. We have been over runned by these very same people coming into the US to taking over, what little we have left in many many ways. We have elected officials at every level from the small towns to Washington, doing the same old thing over and over again by pulling the wool over the public eye and hiding whats going on.

Makes a lot of sense don’t it??

Tell me one thing that is right and I will not just show you but prove to you it’s just as wrong as President Obama himself sitting there doing absolutely the opposite of what he claimed he will do, time is running out for him anyway and I could care less if the sonofabitch even tries to run for a second term. Even Sarah Palin would be a breath of fresh air compared to him no doutb.

It won’t surprise me that whomever is running for the presidency in 2012 will make the same old claims we all heard at one time or another, its the same old music that’s being played over and over and over again and again. The Democrats and the Republicans are in serious trouble and a house cleaning is in order, get rid of the old guard and let’s vote in some new fresh faces from the common folk amongst us, even I could take the helm and guide this country back to greatness again if I wanted to. I seen more stuff go on than I could possibly write a series on just my observations alone.

We The People, need to stand up and let this country know we had enough and its time for a wake up call from the hearts of America.


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