Social Eco Domestic Mess

Well certainly the mess we gotten into over the last few years have gotten deeper and deeper. Guess with all the up bringing from a different era was just such a lost cause now that every single moral has been thrown out the window, door, or what ever was handy. We live in such times that not a day goes by when I read something that just wants to make me get sick and turn the other way, but I have to go on and decide for myself on the issues at hand.

Take for example, the issues of the homeless people, I been there, I suffered for quite some time, not knowing if I was gonna wake up the next morning after camping out somewhere for the night. The amount of pressure and stress of fighting to survive is extraordinary for some people like me, for the biggest majority of them, they could care less, all they want to do is beg so they can get cigarettes and a bottle of liquor. I didn’t go that route, and I be damned if I did, but glad I didn’t. I had enough to deal with without resorting to alcohol and cigarettes (which I still smoke), anyway,

With high unemployment, many closed down plants, interest rates, foreclosures, insurance that only the wealthy can  afford, and a whole host of other problems we have in this country, I’m damn well surprised we haven’t gone belly up completely save for the recent actions of the democrats and republicans that done nothing but drag their asses and Mr. Obama would veto’ed a bill that would certainly spell disaster save for the down grading anyways. Domestic problems in the home across America that now a days a kid can walk in somewhere, buy a gun, go out and make bombs and such, it’s no wonder we gone to hell in a hand basket.

When I was growing up, you didn’t hear such things, now a days little Johnnie and Susie are becoming criminals even in grade school, such a tragedy. When you did something wrong it’s was all you could think about was the whipping you was gonna get when you got home from school because you did something wrong, nowadays you go to court at such young ages it’s just….I dunno…

When the very moral fibers are such as today where two people of the same sex marries each other, then there’s nothing we can do because the courts allows it to go forth, and then you have those who would holler discrimination and some other silly crap. I rather be living as a monk away from the world and not see this but what the heck, it’s gonna be right there in my face so I just go on and not pay attention.

Even our churches, heaven help them as they try spreading the truth in such ways I was turned off, my own values have taken quite a beating for quite some time that I quit going and now just believe what I remember was right. But even then and I’m not singleling any one church out but the problems that have rocked the nation and elsewhere makes me wonder if there’s any christian preaching going on anyways.

In due time the upcoming elections in 2012 should be entertaining and as well be just another misguided calculation by those who seeks to remain in office. Heaven forbid if Mr. Obama and his cronies are gonna be around for the next major screwing over yet to be seen. It be nice if for once a complete changing of the guard in the congress and senate of all new fresh faces, and even a new president could take back this country and try to restore some dignity to it, but its too late for that so here we are, screwed again, again, and again………


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