Social Economic Mess, (PT2)

Well certainly with the recent uproar about the US’s positions in the world markets, good old Standard and Poor decided it be better to drop the markets by a few points, saying we are worth something less than the overall Gross National Product and with the near fiasco recently as both sides damn near sent the USA into default, then I’m not the only one that’s jittery and nervous and hyper, I think the whole country is as well. Then you have an earthquake that strikes the heart of the east coast a few days ago, and the past week, a hurricane.

Somebody said and I forget where I saw the statement but they said it was a wake up call to the folks in the White House and Capital Hill. I couldn’t agree more or less about that. Now with the after math of these recent events you think they goverment would release funds to help in rebuilding what was damaged or destroyed, but one agency FEMA is damn near out of money, as far as I’m concern, screw FEMA. They have done nothing that strikes me as good but rather saying to those who lost everything screw you we not gonna help you, this is one agency that deserves to be eliminated and soon.

Instead of funding FEMA, lets put the funds where it’s really needed, in the hands of those who lives have been changed recently. Let’s put it to REAL GOOD USE, give it to the people that really deserves it, not FEMA.  I can certainly think of a lot of uses if I had a check handed to me cause I can see right now my own problems are not going to get resolved without funding in order to restart my own life. And THAT”S what it will take.


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