My resume!!

Name, Vickie Alison Maidstone

Age, 5yrs 6mos

Height 6ft7in (231cm)

weight, 150lbs

eyes, brown

hair, varies from brown to black

Occupation, Hostess and Dancer

Special Interests, Relay For Life of Second Life

Other, I am probably the most sweetest, lovable, adorable person you ever want to meet. I work hard at my work at a club, work even harder when I’m fund raising for a cure for cancer. I explore, I visit strange places in Second Life, see many wonders that amazes me beyond belief. I am tender hearted, I believe in what is right, I am very opinionated in what the issues I stand on means to me.

I am but maybe a small voice in a big sea of the internet, but I am who I am, and I don’t take no for an answer.

I am Vickie Alison Maidstone.


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