Grrrrr, One of those Days Again!!

Ever thought about what kind of day I have every now and then?? Well, this certainly been one of those days for sure. Since I booted up earlier today it’s been a slow process of pages loading, sometimes refreshing three or more times before an article I want to read FINALLY loads??

Sure is a disadvantage when you have to use wifi in order to connect to the outside world and sometimes it’s a royal pain in the —, and then some. Like reading about the latest in the use of Unmanned Ariel Vehicles, more commonly reffered to as drones. Then on the same site I was viewing or was trying to view another interesting article but finally gave up because it just takes too long when the downlink speeds are so pitiful that I’m lucky to be here even.

Usually the speeds picks up late in the evening hours going into overnight hours but heck, I don’t feel like pulling another all nighter again. Sometimes it works pretty well, other times well…. Leave it to the solar storms on the sun to really mess things up even when you’re using an open access public wifi, believe I know,been there done it. Now before I lose my connection……


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