Long Quiet Weekend

Yeah, it’s been a long quiet weekend for sure. Dear friends came by last evening and brought dinner in for me for my birthday (woohoo), was gonna ride for a while last evening but it rained, so didn’t get a whole lot done and went to bed early. Now today was a different story. It’s been cool outside, suppose to got up to around 70 degrees I guess but the over night rains brought some cool air instead. I’m not complaining thats for sure heheheheh.

I went once already for coffee, guess I’ll go again and ride my bike a bit while its light out yet. Then maybe get another post done but not sure which one I’ll do yet, got too many I suppose (LOL). In any case I’ll do something while I am young and full of life and vigor. Who said old age is nothing to be a shamed of better look again, I haven’t aged I guess in twenty years and STILL look good!! Yes I’m bragging a bit…again (LOL)!!

I’t’s coffee time so have a great week out there somewhere on the Internet.


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