So Here I sit, again…

So here I sit again, almost midnight going on Saturday up and pounding on this poor over worked, under paid keyboard LOL!! Seriously, I don’t know why this happens alot lately but I guess when you stop and look around you see how much of a chance I take getting online and loose track of time, especially when my head is buried being involved with what I had been doing in the virtual world of Second Life, and in Guild Wars.

I guess a lot of times I wonder if I ever get any satisfaction out of what I’m doing to which I can say yes to that. I might not make any money out of it of course but thats beside the point. Where I get the satisfaction from is through interacting with friends around the world in working for a common cause, or just having fun doing crazy stuff within reason.

Most of the same reason why I blog right?? I do this because I enjoy it. I feel connected with those who may be following me or subscribe to my feeds and all. I do this because I want to share a part of me with the universe and not be so narrow minded. Kinda hard especially when I’m not married, living in an apartment, disabled to a point of not able to work, but I call my blogging work. I call this my work and its so easy to do especially when I can get on here and go to town with my thoughts and what not.

I can only say that what ever happened though in the past in my life, I walked away and burnt quite a few bridges in the process, while it wasn’t the best I still press onwards and hoping for a new day ahead of me. Time will tell if my blogging will help me in ways never before imagined.


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