Just an Ordinary Guy

I never was anything spectacular in my life time, just an ordinary guy who went out into the world and made my own way. I guess after all those years of being on the road wasn’t too bad, but then again it wasn’t the greatest thing I ever done. I should have followed my instincts instead of following my brother into trucking and today my life may have been different or much better. Thats the price I paid, I paid dearly and now today nothing to show and not even a grey hair even.

But it’s all good, I just get up, have my morning coffee, read the news, check my email, get out of the house for a bike ride or walk. :):):), do domestic chores of house cleaning and laundry, and just don’t even worry or stress about anything. At this point why should I worry, won’t do any good sooooooo…..I’m just doing my thing, doing what I can to survive daily, not making a big deal out of it and just being an ordinary guy enjoying life’s little pleasures everyday. :):):)


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