Good to Be Back!!

Hello!! As you may well know I been bloggin’ on another page here and pretty soon that will be on hiatus till October, she needs a vacation as it is and I over worked her till she said WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!!!! Damn woman LOL!!! Seriously tho my sharing about my battle with cancer was done in such a way that I gained more than I given, in fact I paid forward and recieved much more in return and blessings a thousand times over. I know people wonder why I use a virtual person to tell my story and it’s been a great time in doing so. It’s given me new inspiration to continue my work as an online journalist even if it don’t pay anything (LOL).

My being able to express my thoughts and emotions are being recorded here so that in the future others can come and take a look at history about what I done and continue to do. I made it a point NOT to get political but once in a blue moon there’s something to share. I can only suppose that even I will take a break from writing, course we’ll see how long that lasts and see if I can resist the temptation to log in and commence writing. If and when I do I’ll use a different approach and see how it works, may have to experiment a bit and see.


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