Really Now NSA….

I am just as shocked, impalled to learn these past few weeks that I along with millions of ordinary citizens have been well, how can I put it?? We, I mean WE as a country and even world wide have every right to privacy!! When Edward Snowden blew the cover off of the National Security Agency’s methods of metamining data from the carriers I was just, I dunno. I guess the old saying “pulling the wool over our eyes” was pretty right on. Even this carry’s shade’s of George Orwell’s book about 1984 is sure is cropping up all around us in every concieveable way imaginable. Smartphones, tablets, GPS, emails, EVEN the freedom to write  what I think about on occassions!!

I can just imagine what the founding father’s are doing turning over in their graves, seeing all they did for us back then and since through history becoming that wasn’t even thought of in 1776. I dunno, it looks rather strange that all of what we been told thru the news media is not exactly what’s going on but who knows????


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