So It Goes….

As I said earlier, we have a serious problem in this country with much of the goverment shut down for the moment. I for one am appalled at the audacity of what is going on up on Capital Hill and the White House as I know for sure millions of americans are too. I am just…I dunno as I sit here reading the headlines and shaking my head in total disgust at what’s happening today. I am for all intent and purposes aligned with the Independent party but with liberal points of views. I try as hard as I can to be open in matters that concerns me and others as well but in this case as I said I am totally disgusted as hell.

We the people of the United States of America oughta bounce every one of the congress, senate and White House out and start over again with those who do care, people like me who has a view of the world at my finger tips. People who have hopes and dreams that are being shattered before our eyes. Back years ago, this country was looked up to by others around the world as a model of prosperity and hopes and dreams of a life style we have today, and yet we are the laughing stock of the world today. Pretty damn shameful I say and that’s no joke.

We have a history of the past that should be looked at again and again and try to over come the troubles we now face, I am sure this is something that the present administration didn’t even know existed until now?? So it goes as once again we find ourselves embroiled in needless controversy and turmoil as a useless goverment just sits and argues over what.

This my friend is not my normal way of expressing but the time has come for me to get on my soapbox and rant. I don’t like to discuss politics especially on my own webpage here but this could not be held in, I can care less what the NSA or whoever sees this and can tell you my rights to excersise my freedom of speech will not be stopped and I’ll do what ever is nessasary to get the word out.

So it goes…….



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