Hard Core Gamer….

In times gone by I have been a member of several online communities that I find are really different in many aspects. I can say with confidence that I learned so much more about myself than I would other wise. I have learned that within the fingertips of my hands just how powerful I could be. I learned what it took to accomplish each task that I was presented with and then some. It comes from the fact that locked up emotions and feelings found a release in such carefully controlled circumstances that I can say I can be a real badass if I wanted to be, been there done it.

But what of these news items that comes around where a gamer takes it to the extreme and commits an act of violence in the real world and then blames the creator of the game?? This point is moot in my estimation that such a person can only blame themselves and be held accountable for their actions, it’s not a game publisher responsibility to answer in court over a matter that can only be blamed on the person, end user I can say of the game(s) in question.

I found that as I play these online games I find relief and become so much better after it’s all said and done.



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