Tell Me Something…

93772223Tell me something, WHY in the hell do we as Americans have put up with so much crap from Capital Hill like it’s recently shown?? I mean come on now, are we that complacent about what is happening before our eyes?? Have we grown so used to being brain washed with what I discern so many lies and unfulfilled promises of a better tomorrow?? Come on now give me a freakin break, I know deep down in my soul what I’m feeling and seeing as the country is headed towards defaulting in less than two weeks UNLESS a miracle happens to which I won’t believe it till I see proof when I read the headlines.

Do I hafta keep ranting in hopes that what I’m saying is picked up by a major news network so I can present my point of view?? With the way our present situation is I hardly doubt for a brief moment it will, but let me say this, I CARE about my country!! I care because I want us to get back to where we were a few years ago when our economy was good, when our schools were a place of learning, NOT a freaking target range for some idiot to use innocent victims that lost their lives at such a young age. That even includes universities of higher learning.

Do we as citizens of one of the most powerful nations just sit idlely by and let them steam roll us to oblivion?? Yes, I am mad as hell, yes I am furious at what I been seeing these past few days and yes it’s well past time to clean house on Capital Hill and the White House and start over again but thats too late now we done lost our place in society and have become the laughing stock of the world, what a damn shame.


image by MLMitts


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