Today’s Truckers

According to sources in the news media, today is suppose to mark a three day protest in Washington D.C., well all I can say is good luck and believe me, after I retired in 2008 I walked away with nothing to show for all those years I spent on the road doing my time and try to keep the economy growing. Sure I been in a couple shutdowns too, but that was in the seventies and eighties when that happened for much of the same reasons today,

But, in today’s economic crisis, I have to wonder if today’s truckers even understand what it takes to effectively get the attention of the law makers on local, state and national levels?? Back when I was on the road it was an attention getter but many times it failed and things kept getting worse slowly but surely. With all of the false advertising done by trucking companies back then I can assume it’s the same today.

Trying to entice even the most experienced drivers with rosy ideas about high incomes, home times when they wanted, medical coverages that costed out the wazoo, and many other subjective ideas. There’s so much crap tho on the other side of the fence that I hesitate to even think how much it’s changed over the years as far as all the rules and regulations are concerned.

For me however I was pretty much up to date with everything I had to know even with hauling hazardous materials or stuff that went boom. But it was getting to the point I was burned out and not doing all that great anymore. I kept thinking it get better but it got worse instead, the longer I held on, the worse it got till finally I said I had enough.

I wouldn’t today know where to begin if I went back out again, I have no desire, don’t even think of it anymore. All I have is nothing but empty memories of where I been across the country and know my way around better than some people do. But, as it was it was time to hang it up and walk away from something at one time I loved.

In today’s climate I can say I don’t have no symphathy for today’s breed of drivers. I as I said have no desire to ever go on the road again for a living, it’s not worth it after what I experienced in the past. Not with insurmountable rules and regulations to which I’m sure have changed over time. Even the attitude of various law enforcement agencies changed during my time to where it was almost impossible to beat them even in a court of law. It just made it to the point on being unbearable to do what I had to do safely and on time.

I look back even today, and can say again, don’t miss, don’t think about it anymore. I moved on to something that I enjoy more now and will continue in my new direction as I have since I called it quits and retired.



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