Ok, Back To….

Ok, let’s get back on track here ok?? Good, now that this mess is over for a bit let’s go virtual and see what kinda misguided adventures I been on lately. This will be FUN!!  In Guild Wars I started my own guild called TempleNomads [TN]. A small upcoming guild which includes all of my characters I play, both PvE and PvP. I have around eighteen members which is me and my alts altogether but I will get more members over time when I have time to recruit more.

In Eveonline I joined  corp that’s primarily a PvP corp doing Faction Warfare and really getting into the hang of it so far. Alot of skills I hafta train and get up to level 5 in order to be really good in combat. It’s a large corp along with the alliance we belong too even so I am excited to try something different than before.

In Second Life I am still on administrative for medical reasons but usually check in to clear all my offlines messages I get around the clock. I enjoy being in these communities and even looking at Grand Theft Auto 5 coming out after the first of the year to try it even. So, yes I am a hard core gamer for sure, hell I have several games mostly racing games and Angry Birds on my smartphone even LOL!!

A bit of a note from reality with winter coming on and if it’s too cold to bike ride and I’m not up to going outside I’ll have hours of online gaming to play besides checking the news, Hockey scores, weather, techy sites and so on, won’t be a dull moment around here for sure!!:)


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