You Mean to TELL me…..

4th fireworksYou mean to TELL me they FINALLY decided to go ahead and get off their cans and do something?? I was wondering like all AMERICANS that has so many HOPES and DREAMS nearly WIPED OUT if them kids on Capital Hill and the White House would finally realized just how damn close we came to going into oblivion in the face of the rest of the world. This my friend is just absolutely the straw that broke us, even if it is a temporary fix for now, but still it is NOT ENOUGH!!

As I said before we need to clean house and start over with a WHOLE NEW CONGRESS and SENATE and a PRESIDENT that will do the damn jobs we vote them into office for and stop acting like a two year old that doesn’t get their way.

I am so tired that we were victimized like we were and telling ya I was sitting on pins and needles!! But enuff of this now as they get back to work (those that were furloughed and laid off) that now these workers have a huge backlog that will keep them busy from now.

I’m going to really keep watch over the next few months and telling ya I will be heard.


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