2013. is my Amarr Frigate Executioner, also known as LightningBug. I had to go to Rens to get it and bring it back to Ochoriya, a 42 jump round trip. Took me a little time and a few close calls going and coming back. Getting thru enemy territory wasn’t too bad especially with Concord shooting at me once, and being threatened to loosing my ship if I didn’t get my ass going or I be shot at.

After undocking at Rens I literally hauled and jumped at zero to the next systems as hard as I could. Concord then fire once and took my shields down a bit but I was too quick for them to do anymore damage than what I gotten. The last couple systems I got shot at again from somebody but again was too fast for them to get me, especially since I was so close to home, and it be a heluva a note to get blown up so close to home.

I finally made it in and docked and debarked from my ship, getting out and stretching a bit I stood there admiring my ship knowing we made a heluva a fast trip and escaped certain death again.


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