Professor David LeRue

2013. hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself as well. My name is Professor David LeRue, and as the other’s are I too am a PIRATE and MERCENARY YARRRRRR!! But my responsibilities don’t end there, I am a Diplomat as well for our corp. in trying to maintain some semblance of peace in our galaxy somewhere out there. It’s a very difficult position to be in but with my experience and background I have brought some peace but sometimes it take a few shots of bullets and lasers to drive home a point, or two.

Much has been written in the past about efforts of mankind to bring peace and in many cases some successes and failures along the way have come. I have studied the history of mankind and can attest that there’s still much to be learned yet. Much more to be learned and to digest in order to bring about peace even 25,000 years into the future. So, for now I must get back to my studies and try to reason with those among us in the stars of the universe to bring hopefully one day….peace.


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