And Yet…..Another!!

My Rez Day
Posted 10/25/2007 7:22:22 AM

Yesterday was my rez day into the world known as Second Life, while I have hardly touched the tip of the iceberg, I can only say it’s been interesting to say the least. From my newbie looks in the Welcome Center in Waterhead to the looks I have now In Pandorus, I have to say thank you to those who helped me in those early days and weeks. I can remember I had a time that very first day which is on my 360 yahoo blog, 360,, thats where you can read my account of those moments which are forever etched in my heart. And then to join slprofiles has been a ride in it’s own right, and what a wonderful group it is!!!

I can only say that I really enjoyed it so far and will renew my membership in a few days. To all here at slp, I love you all and wish all of you a great weekend coming up.!!!


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