Do You Think??

Do You Think???
Posted 10/15/2007 8:39:53 AM

Do you think sometimes as I’m sure we all do, that even in a moment of concentration that ideas that form and worked on, can yield the results we try to get???
I believe that they do and a lot of times the results are so amazing that you gotta really get down to the bare facts and the formulations of those ideas. I based this on the premise that taking my time to write my stories, to get the basic story line, to build on it, and then sit down at the keyboard and ever so carefully put word to type from start to finish. When I can sit back after I’m done I can say I did this for me and YOU, I did this because now I have a purpose to explore more of my feelings and thoughts and thru a bit of magic and a whole lot of imagination, come up with my short storie as I have so far. The pic here shows me in a sim where I haven’t been back to for a while but I thought it would go well with this blog, shows me gazing off into the distance as I can be thinking about how my stories can work their magic.

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