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Thot I share this one with ya!!


A Commentary
Posted 11/9/2007 4:24:08 PM

You know, I felted today to throw a couple more stories on and felt maybe this pic would help to co-relate what I am doing. I think after having been in SL now going into my second year that this is going to be a very fun thing for me to share this pic as well. I don’t know of anything that has provided such a wonderful oppurtunity and an avenue to being able to express my feelings in general but, this sure beats the drama that used to be here and hopefully you all are enjoying my stories.

Now, the current series of stories I’m doing will be a little more involved because of being in two different games and then tying it all together to include Second Life is in itself a task not too easy to do, but the shear amount of imagination thats being used I feel like that the magic is there and will over time will improve and become much more than I expect to be.

I can say that positive feedbacks from this group will help me as I continue, and even if you see something thats missing, let me know!!!


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