Me and Capt. Graabeerd

2013. Graabeerd and I had a long talk to day, and as a result we came away with a better understanding of why we’re even where we are. I can only say that we both agreed that over time in the forseeable future that we have a lot on our hands. While he is getting ready to commit to battle and I’m trying to ward off any blood shed it’s only a matter of time.

We both knew what was coming thru our intel networks sent us encoded material that only I can decipher and then relay it to the Captain, and then we decide our course of actions after we talk to the rest of our small but battle hungry crew. In the mean time we share lots o’ rum and swap stories around the bar and then…well….we just well who knows…..[hiccup]….burp…….scuse me, gotta run to the………..


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