R.I.P Guild Wars

Lately I have tried playing Guild Wars on my new system. But according to the official website it will not work. The last updated OS was for Windows 7 and I am running Windows 8.1. For a game I enjoyed and played for years it was sad the other day when for quite possibly the last time I played I uninstalled it from my current system, even running it back to Windows 7 on compatabilty mode didn’t work. However tho’ the memories will last a lifetime and I have manu of my characters on my hard drive and flash drive to look and smile and remember those days of playing a game that gave me so much.gw110This is my Ranger Cinder Fire, and I will miss playing for a time or so, but she brought me a lot of joy and craziness as we played together, so Cinder Fire will always live on in my heart just like this one will heheheh. She’s the one that got me started in virtual worlds and online gaming communities as well, drop dead gorgeous LOL!!!MASTER PROFILE TEXTUREThis is Vickie Alison Maidstone from the virtual world of Second Life, Hostess,dancer, a stauch supporter of the American Cancer Society on the war against cancer and a Relay For Life Volunteer. She gets me into more trouble sometimes than I can handle but she always comes back hard charging and for good reasons, and SHE lets me KNOW about it!!! She also is the one that got me into these other online communities such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and now Eve Online, damn woman won’t give me a break….


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