What A Change…



I guess in the past when I would get ready to go out, I make sure I was dressed for whatever came my way. But still tho, changes for me don’t come that often and I’m glad it don’t. But, in another line of thought the changes we are experiencing in today’s world is on a massive scale unlike previous times. I have seen on the news many signs of how the times are changing and that the signs of the Beast are becoming more and more evident each passing day. I can only suppose that when the time comes and we have to make a decision as to who we will join in the end times.

I hate talking about this particular subject but as an online journalist I have that right to express my opinions without worrying about my door being broken down in the middle of the night. There is nothing that we value more than freedom. Freedom to speak our minds, raising our voices in unison to an idea, of being a part of a movement, of being who we are in the real world. But what does this have to do with my virtual existance you ask? It has a LOT to do with how my views are presented, how my lines of thoughts are arranged, how I see what others are thinking, and to be open to their points of views as well.

for all that’s been wrong in today’s society, even reality bleeds over into virtuality, I know I been there seen with my own eyes the attitudes and discussions raised. I gotten into some myself but in a gentle but firm way of expressing what my thought were, and believe me, it makes the conversations better with the end results we look for.


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