About This Site

As you can see this looks like a mini website to which I am very pleased with and how it’s turned out overall. I made a few little tweaks here and there, adding a navigation menu on my other pages, added a couple more widgets, and just generally making improvements along the way. Even added a gallery or two!!

Now the purpose of this blog is to show you how I deal with my feelings, thoughts and emotions in regards to reality.

There are pages that leads to other areas of discovery and that is through using virtual platforms such as Second Life and GuildWars.

Stories, images from both of these platforms that shows there is a life unlike reality and bring a mix of both reality and virtuality together and blurring the line between both isn’t hard to do. Now, there’s a number of reasons why I decided to share my virtual exsistance along with reality and that is to bring to the forefront, another place, another time, another world to which I have been a member of.

Take a look around, I’m sure there’s something here to strike your fancy, and please note updates are usually every Friday, if not more often as changes occurs or developes, enjoy.


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