Trending Now!!

I always like to see what’s trending so off to Twitter I go thru out the day and well into the evening to catch the latest news. I have a number of interests I follow, such as bike racing, about the “cloud”, a fat sassy cat, and so on. I get alot of news that way, sometimes it’s just as quick to sign in and see what’s trending even now for that matter. Sooooooo, off to the Twitterverse I go!!

Traveling in style??

2014. I hafta resort to moving around from place to place in a capsule. Make for a stinking slimey mess in here because of the goo surrounding our bodies. Remember now this is technology 25,000 years into the future. Sure does ruin a lot of skin tho…..ugh….

Damn Woman!!

2013. woman, I don’t know what I did to deserve the kind of treatment she gives me but one of these days…….2013., Come on Slaver, you know I love you and you know better than that, heheheh. You’re such a pushover it’s beyond hilarious!! LOL!!!

Keeping The Peace

2013. on now children, quit acting like a couple spoiled brats!! We got too much work ahead of us for you two to be bickering and yelling and all that other stuff!! Now get at and get to work, after you get your rest, now good night!! *turns down the lights* Damn kids, somedays I wonder……..