Social Media thats changed the World

Who would have thought that today, we can do anything we can think of with a few mouse clicks and hit the enter button?? It was unheard of I’m sure and know years ago when there wasn’t such a thing as a computer other than a slide rule or calculator at best. well, when the internet exploded into existance, computers were large bulky pieces of equipment sitting in large spaces that took up entire floors in a building, and were programmed with punch cards and manual labor of some back then smart people.

In the years since, the internet has brought forth so many different ways of communicating and sharing of ideas, thoughts, opinions  and more recently social media, it’s just simply mind blowing how it all came to be and even today with the ability to hold in the palm of our hands a small electronic, digital device that we can connect to the world from anywhere, anytime in any condition we find ourselves in.

Whether it,s in a downtown area, rural, or far off battle fields, the world has been shruck to being in the palm of our hands. Even today with everything at our disposal we can achieve a lot of changes that through technology can let us connect with our families, friends, and who knows who.

Social Media has come a long ways in a very short amount of time over the past couple two, three years  I suppose and the big players such as Facebook and Twitter to which I am connected with has made an otherwise crowded world even smaller and we are running out of room yet today.

Even last year in  2011 we saw how social media was used during some of the changes in the Middle East, how it was used during the Occupy Movements in the US, but sadly their are those among us who like to cause problems and to disrupt an ever changing world even today. As we settle into 2012 now, the world is still going forwards, still having all the aches and pains of an ever present knowledge that social media will be in the fore front of how we connect in the future which is past. Exciting times ahead I’m sure.