Memorial Day 2012

To our soldiers here at home and abroad, You are the reasons we have the freedoms that we have today, and fighting for freedom thru out the world. A big SALUTE and THANK YOU!!


Social Media and Privacy

I have been reading quite a bit as of late. A number of articles, news reports and thru other outlets about social media and privacy as it pertains to getting a job. And during my reading I discovered at least one fact that is a clear violation of the Terms of Service, End Users License Agreements and so on, and that is when a personel director or human resources manager asks an applicant for log in credentials to sites such as Facebook,Linkedin and others, thats a clear sign that a person’s rights to privacy is being violated to beyond reasonable.

Very much like I read on the forums here, those words of warning of not giving out account information when it comes to signing in as the original account holder. Know what that tells me?? It tells me thanks but no thanks I am just gonna pack up and leave the interviewer and just move on.

I have said else where that I value my privacy, I have to protect myself from unfair actions that may result in going to count. My rights as a citizen in having a life that is free from scrutiny and unfair practices will NOT be violated in any way shape or form. It will be a cold day in hell when I have to give up what’s left of any freedoms we have and still enjoy yet while we can. So, as far as applying for work in a case like that, no thanks I value my privacy and life to let some stranger pretending to be me.

Them 0, me,1.