Looking Ahead…

2013. hello space warriors and it’s time we take a quick look at what was a year that was. In looking back to all of the propaganda, controversies, rumors, and other sundry news from New Eden it certainly has been quite the year but in my case a much shorter amount of time. But I learned very quickly how in some cases what was being sought after was becoming even more and more pronounced over the course of the last few weeks.

The war in the Fountain region has escalated with the Spaceship Samuri Alliance moving in to space owned by Li3 Federation Alliance, Li3 has been fighting them now for the past few days and holding their own while the rest of the CFC was fighting in the Curse region. Fighting in Curse has costed many billions of losses on both sides as that war has escalated in and of itself as well.

Rumors abounded I’m sure about infighting among members of various factions of implosions and disarray as well as between the warring nations but who  knows what can come of of those without even a further investigations into allegations of mistrust and misdeeds all around.

Sitting here in my quarters I can see that 2014 will bring many more changes in New Eden, certainly some that came in Rubicon will flow over into the new year and I am excited to see what happens next!!

Capt. Graabeerd


At Work……Oh Yeah……

2013. at work…..again. I been away for sometime and rejoined Eveonline and believe me its a new experience learning everything I done some time ago. So it’s full steam ahead as we plunder, pillage, terrorize, have fun in New Eden, and make lots of loot in the process. YAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!