With all that is wrong world wide today, I am surprised we haven’t killed each other off yet. I say that with all the trouble in the Middle East and elsewhere sure points to the end times as we know it. I am not sure anymore what to think of but I can say this that I am ready in case it comes to past, I know it will but when is another matter that only my Higher Power knows. I am confident than I will see this come to past and will see my rewards that are waiting for me.  It’s just a matter of time.


What Gives???

For as long as I can remember, I have yet to seen what our country has been going through over the years and much more recently on several issues of national and international importance. Much has been written lately on a couple issues that I am concerned about and aware of that affects me as an online journalist. My freedom to express my thoughts and ideas are threathen everyday as I even write one word or tweet. Even if the Supreme Court of the United States says I still have that freedom, it is slowly but surely being taken away a little at a time.  I try very hard to maintain a very high standard of journalism and try to be as open as I can or dare to be without offending anyone any where any time.

For me, I can only say that in the not too far distant future we will see more and more freedoms taken away which is already being done and believe me it’s not looking good at all. No matter what these groups and organizations say there’s always a counter point being made and that’s been the normal these last few years. Even more so with the internet exploding over the last twenty years. George Orwell may have missed some of what he wrote in his book about 1984, but he didn’t miss it by far. Anymore nowadays more and more freedoms are being taken away as we go about our daily lives under surveillance cameras, drones, eavesdropping on the phone and so on and on.

Fact is, it’s not just here in America, it’s world wide. I read articles from other countries about their systems and what they do, pretty scary crap if you ask me. But back here at home tho, I see a future thats gonna be totally different for the younger generations to come and it will be a totally different world than the one I grew up in. I see a democracy thats gone the way of Isolationism, where a society will be isolated from the rest of the world and in fact will be under a dictactorship at some point, really scarier stuff.

Even our political system will change over time yet again. In Washington, and in all the state houses across the US, I see our political infrastructure change and not for the good in most cases. I am NOT being critical but merely stating what I see and read everyday is happening under our noses and not many people are realizing what is going on. I see a future where our children will have no choices or freedoms. I see a future that will be dictated by those in power and there’s nothing the future generations will be able to do.

On another issue, when the National Security Agency demands a telecom provider to turn over records of every phone call I myself ever made, then there’s a huge problem. When it comes down to whether or not I can be labeled as a terrorist just because I call some one I know, then there’s a much bigger problem and it’s gotten out of hand for sure already.

And what do we as Americans do about it?? NOTHING, we just let what ever happens happen and we just go on and think no more of it. Pretty shameful if you ask me.

In closing, I am PROUD to be American, I am PROUD to wave the red, white and Blue, I am PROUD of what I still believe in and my freedom to be who I am is not violated, at least not yet anyways.

Getting Down to the Time to Vote

Well, Let’s take a look here and see who would be most likely to be voted President of the United States in November shall we??