Science and Technology

Of all the things on the internet we can access, science and technology are two areas I follow quite a bit. I guess in order to keep up, or try as best we can I narrowed my interests down to several areas within each catagory. Science, Astronomy is one area and within this I narrowed it down even further by taking an active interests in black holes, robotic explorations, images from back in time to  the recent solar storms that is creating havoc even today. Even the earth bound weather I have taken quite an active interest in with the recent outbreaks of severe weather around the US and overseas. Severe thunderstorms that in some cases have imbedded within them even the fury of a tornado in the makings, even off shore tropical depressions that developes into major hurricanes or typhoons depending on where they are have struck me as facinating at times to see images from before and after such a storm.

Technology, in this area my interests of course in new technology abounds everyday. When one can look back at TV shows such as Star Trek in which there were depicted unimagined technological break thrus that are becoming more common place in today’s world. As I said recently, From large bulky computers in rooms to the palm of our hands, the advances are so advanced that’s it’s hard to even think of what we know today wasn’t around a  few short years ago, if not longer.

Guess we will see what comes along in the near or not so far distant future.