Well, the past week was hell as I tried on a number of occassions to get connected to the Inet. Believe me when it comes down to realizing that using wifi is NOT the way to go then I’m left with very few options at my disposal. So, here I sit at a resturant using wifi in order to get caught up on a few things and missing out on other things. gotta be a better way ya know???


Been A Few Days…

Yeah I know, its been a few days when I last said anything but I been so busy in other areas I feel like I neglected my pride and joy, LOL!!! Nope I have been really busy in the virtual community of Second Life with a lot going on there I forget I have a “Real Life” as well!! LOL!! Anyway making little improvements here on my various pages and adding some missing links to other blogs I read, it’s really nice that I can relax and enjoy doing some things like this and to sit back and see the results unfold before me.

I enjoy my creativity even tho it’s a little bit limited in some respects but hopefully in the last half of this year it will all change and things will improve. I just won’t wait so long the next time to blog for sure!!