A Lot of Time

I been spending a lot of time on a daily basis online. Guess I’m addicted but then again what do you do when you’re retired, broke, no way to get around other than a bicycle, no means to get anything that I need. So, I just spend it online daily and I dare say I spend too much time not getting stuff done that I want to get done.

I guess if and when I can return to work after the new year then things will be different for me. It’ll of course take time and energy to resume those passions I have deep down in my soul and hopefully be able to pick up and fill in the blanks. A lot of time for sure in the forseeable future.


Been A Few Days…

Yeah I know, its been a few days when I last said anything but I been so busy in other areas I feel like I neglected my pride and joy, LOL!!! Nope I have been really busy in the virtual community of Second Life with a lot going on there I forget I have a “Real Life” as well!! LOL!! Anyway making little improvements here on my various pages and adding some missing links to other blogs I read, it’s really nice that I can relax and enjoy doing some things like this and to sit back and see the results unfold before me.

I enjoy my creativity even tho it’s a little bit limited in some respects but hopefully in the last half of this year it will all change and things will improve. I just won’t wait so long the next time to blog for sure!!