It’s Been HOT!!

Damn, a drought in over 65% of the US, I’m telling ya, we is in for some real hurting right now at this rate. Somebody asked me the other day if the solar storms had anything to do with it, be interesting to find out. Anyway, temps in the 70s now, tomorrow suppose to be back in the 90s, some places over a 100 degrees F, and we bitch about how cold it gets during the winter??


Have You Ever Wondered??

Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of the universe?? Even today we still are on the threshold of a frontier that is being explored by satelites and robots that are, some where out there. I been following the latest stories thru the various other websites and can say the excitement of new discoveries and the knowledge we are gaining of on going missions is certainly mind boogling. With a new robotic explorer on the way to Mars, with two small satelites circling the moon, the recent out bursts of solar flares from the sun, the astronomy community will have enough work to last a good while.

Even with the shut down of the space shuttles last year, new private firms are designing, building, test a new generation of space vehicles to take man to the space station, the moon and beyond to Mars and then who knows where after that. Since the 1960s when then President John F, Kennedy gave the world notice that we would land a man on the moon, the space age has made tremendous strides in accomplishing goals but in the wake of several failures that resulted in death of our astronauts. And yet we rebounded to go even further than ever to explore, to experiment, to challenge our selves to go where no man gone before.

I am an avid supporter of our space program, always have, always will be for the future to be.