Where the Time go??

I been in the virtual community of Second Life now going on five and a half years and it certainly seems like time came to a crawl. I guess because I had so  much going on that I lost track of time and didn’t even realize where I was till one day sometime ago, I had to step back and look in the mirror.

If you did what I been through then you would know right?? But it just seems like that no matter where I was in RL, I was usually doing something in Second Life that I had to really question my reasoning as well as my sanity LOL!! I guess in all probability I’d just say heck with it and go on with my usual happy go lucky kinds of ways and enjoy what I can of my virtual existance, for what it’s worth.

I could say this how ever that no matter what came up I always managed to get around without a scratch and come out a winner. Next time I’ll say a little more about some of my old days in Second Life and work my way to the present.

Have a great St. Patty’s!!