It’s Been HOT!!

Damn, a drought in over 65% of the US, I’m telling ya, we is in for some real hurting right now at this rate. Somebody asked me the other day if the solar storms had anything to do with it, be interesting to find out. Anyway, temps in the 70s now, tomorrow suppose to be back in the 90s, some places over a 100 degrees F, and we bitch about how cold it gets during the winter??


Oh, it’s been a lazy Tuesday…

I didn’t get up till I guess around 9a.m. this morning and gotten logged on when my skype started ringing, had an interesting conversation with a friend and for about thirty minutes we talked over a couple questions she had. Then I was able to get some coffee and get my day started and going. I just been hanging out and fixing to go ride for a bit.

I guess just still wore out from fixing my blogs up it finally caught up with me LOL!! Oh well, I have tomorrow off too soooooo I get to goof off and do something outside in the nice weather we are having. I haven’t even looked at the weather yet except it’s warm and a little humid now. So bike riding it is for a bit, see you next time!!